1348 Stitzinger Rd

Tionesta, PA 16353


(814) 354-7334

About Us

What is our goal?

Our goal is to preserve and enhance the best characteristics of Labrador Retrievers, by breeding high quality Labradors with superior temperament and adaptability to provide you with the ultimate companion.

We are NOT a puppy factory. As our motto suggests, we do “Limited Reproduction” for the discriminating owner. Our dogs are carefully selected and bred on a limited basis to maintain quality genetics. They are raised with a family to provide a high degree of socialization and varied experiences during the puppy’s formative months. Because of this, our puppies are very loving and adaptable, consistent in temperment and behavior. All they need is your love and care. You will be rewarded with a very special companion.

Why and where do we breed our Labs?

We have been breeding pure bred English Labradors since 1999. Our first Lab, Buster, inspired us with his good nature, great companionship and fun personality. The breed’s tempermant, our love for the out-of-doors and our 80 acre estate located in Tionesta, PA offer us a great setting for living with and raising our Labs.

With warmest regards,
John and Beverly Campbell