1348 Stitzinger Rd

Tionesta, PA 16353


(814) 354-7334

Frequent Questions

What type of labs do you breed?  We breed Yellow, and Black Labs, as well as the rare Fox Red Lab.

Are your labs AKC (American Kennel Club) certified? Yes. All of our labs are AKC certified.

How often are litters available? We have about one litter every year.

Do you hunt with your labs? Yes. We do hunt with some of our labs.

Do any of your labs have certifications? We currently have a Yellow Lab that is an AKC Senior Hunter and 2 Black Labs and 2 Yellow Labs that are  AKC Junior Hunters. All  labs are in training.

Do you have males available for stud services? Yes. Go to the Boys and Girls page to view our males.